To begin my first blog, allow me to first explain the purpose behind my writing. My WordPress account acts for me as a space in which I can post my feelings and thoughts in a free manner, to which I welcome critical and opposing feedback. According to my current vision, my posts will mostly consist of numerical compilations, mini essays, controversial topic reviews, and responses to current or non-current events.

Although the personal nature of my blogs may include opinions that are not scientifically supported, please do note that I will always extend what I see as the most truthful-information I can. And, should I be discussing or sharing an idea that isn’t backed by literature, I will inform the reader of the opinion’s lack of provability for the sake of maximal clarification.

The following are topics I plan to address:

  • Naughty words
  • Habits
  • Fitness and it’s tie to overall happiness
  • Controversy as an advertisement tool
  • Weight training community division
  • Argument’s essentialness
  • Examination of wealth and happiness
  • Why rap is amazing
  • Humor styles
  • How communication advertises
  • The Bible
  • How facts don’t exist
  • Personal failures
  • Embarrassing or enlightening stories
  • My right way of doing things versus your right way of doing things
  • Hurtful truths versus soothing lies

I look forward to future discussions.


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