Being Comfortable is Bad

Reliability and stability are admirable traits that, when demonstrated in peoples’ lives, can provide an extended portion of both trust and effectiveness in the relationships with those around them. However, many of us mistake comfortability for reliability. The difference between these two are definitely distinguishable; being comfortable in a position means that you are no […]

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Don’t Boycott Disney

Director Bill Condon stated that the new live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast would feature an “exclusively gay moment”, thanks to the sexually-uncertain LeFou. In response to this, there have been calls to boycott Disney, the general consensus seemingly revolving around the following two sentiments: A, children should not be exposed to a gay […]

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How to ACTUALLY lose weight

Due to the upcoming Spring season, I feel especially inspired to write on a subject I’m passionate about: weight management. It’s application is broad: nearly 70% of US adults are overweight, and many of us dislike the way we look largely due to the amount of body fat we carry. I believe that, although in […]

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To begin my first blog, allow me to first explain the purpose behind my writing. My WordPress account acts for me as a space in which I can post my feelings and thoughts in a free manner, to which I welcome critical and opposing feedback. According to my current vision, my posts will mostly consist […]

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